Abacus Institute


Derived from the Latin word instituere, meaning "build" "create" "raise" "educate"1

Abacus Institute was formed in 2019 as the expert advisory arm to Abacus Architects.


The Institute provides access to niche expertise that enables ourdesigners, clients, and partners to anticipate and prepare for the increasing complexity and rapid rate of change within the seniorliving, education, multi-family, retail, corporate, and hospitality sectors. Equally, there are many specialized considerations that cut across industry sectors: Consumer expectations, changing demographics, talent retention, smart technology, environmental consciousness, and optimizing outcomes. The Institute’s expertadvisorshave a vested interest in applying nationaland internationalresearch, insights,and best practices to enrich the lives of the local people and communities that our firm, clients, and partners serve.

Advisory & Consultation Services

There is broad recognition that the complex issues confronting good and thoughtful design solutions cut across disciplines and industry sectors. Because of the emphasis that Abacus Architects places upon relationship development, the Institute also functions independently as an expert resource to other designers, developers, clients, businesses, and/or organizations.

Specialized Abacus teams

While Abacus encourages design team members to cross-pollinate ideas, designated internal teams work together with Institute expertsbased upon their personal passion for various building types. Guided by one project manager, this team works with clients, subcontractors and vendorsfrom beginning to endto ensure project continuity and integrity.  
1Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute

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