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Appraise Information – Information about the relevance, rigor, validity and generalizability of design strategies is critically interpreted. A classification system is used to organize and consider the applicability and dependability of information (e.g., peer-reviewed sources, expert consensus, industry or trade publications, best practices, vendor advertising, etc.).

Devise Solutions – Relevant information is translated into summarized guiding statements to help designers make decisions in relation to aesthetics, function or composition. Preliminary design concepts are derived and composed from the design guidelines.

Identify Measures – Predictions are articulated and documented pertaining to the expected link between design strategies and associated outcomes. The predictions include information about what will be required to collect, analyze and interpret outcome measures.

Establish Project Baselines – Existing processes or product-based outcomes will be evaluated and measured prior to the modification of the environment. These evaluation strategies and measures are repeated after the completion of the project to determine the impact of the design strategies.

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